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10/04/2006: "200, with 4 days to go!"

Like everyone else in the world with e-mail, I get spam. Thankfully, the Gmail spam filter is really quite good, and keeps getting better. Just about everything gets nicely sequestered in my Spam folder, where I usually delete it daily.

Not quite a month ago I decided to stop deleting spam. Gmail will automatically delete spam after 30 days, so I thought I'd run an experiment - how much spam will I get in a month, and what level will my Spam folder maintain once it starts deleting 30-day-old spam? As of sometime overnight, I now have 200 spam messages waiting to be deleted.

Yes, 200! And the month isn't even over yet, as I started the experiment on September 8th. So I'm going to guess that I'll hit maybe 220, and maintain a 200+ level as time goes on. (Geez, am I talking about spam or my weight? Yikes.) It should be fun to see what happens, and if there's a lull that gets me below 200 or a surge that gets me way over.

The best part? I don't have to lift a finger, I just watch a number change. I won't have to ever go into my Spam folder again if I don't want to. (I've never had a valid e-mail flagged as Spam in Gmail, although it has happened once with another ISP many years ago.) So what used to be the daily chore of going into the Spam folder, scanning the subject lines (sad shorter dick? viagara? erectile med no doc visit?) and hitting "delete all", I can just watch the number fluctuate and be done with it. Freedom!

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on Wednesday, October 4th, Boose said

I may have to try that with my Junk Mail folder in Outlook at work - I tend to delete things every couple of days, but if I don't have to...

on Wednesday, October 4th, mr.ska said

You might even be able to configure Outlook to auto-delete after only a few days, too. I (thankfully) haven't used Outlook in a while, so I may be mistaken.

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