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11/19/2006: "a different kind of counselling now?"

I'm now on the lookout for a new counsellor. Or maybe that's not the right word - analyst? In any case, in conversation with my mom, she's offered to pay for counselling for me. Of course, now that it's obvious that I don't need a mental health counsellor, I'm focusing my attention on someone that can shed some light on my career; past, present, and future. A forensic career analyst? No, that implies post-humous action. Career analyst, I suppose.

In any case, that's who I'm looking for now. I have an e-mail in to my favourite career advisor (well, she's the only one I've ever had, but she's REALLY good) to get a referral from her. What I'm looking for is someone that can tell me how an employer looks at my resume, how I can change it to address any issues (or mask them entirely), and get an impartial 3rd-party opinion on all the various career change/transition options that I'm currently looking at.

Assuming such a person exists, it will be a very helpful counselling session indeed.

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on Tuesday, November 21st, mike said

I have a good friend who has bounced around a few jobs in the past five years, like you, who got fired from his last job (not his fault, but that's another story), but the great thing that happened to him out of that was the career counselling and placement service he received as part of his termination. He got a career counsellor assigned to him, and it was the best thing to help him focus his job search efforts, plus all the inside knowledge the counsellor had about the workplaces he was applying to. After his counsellor completed his personality/training/skills assessment, he said he was surprised he lasted as long as he did in his previous job, knowing his previous supervisor.

Good to hear about your faith journey too, remember that if you follow in God's footsteps, you will likley be taking God-sized steps.

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