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11/20/2006: "help me help you!"

Last year I found a great service that is a must if you use eBay. It's a bid sniper service called BidNip. Instead of waiting around waging a bidding war near the end of an auction, this site will "snipe" the auction by placing your bid (up to a pre-determined maximum) in the last 10 seconds of the auction. It saves you money and time.

And I'm almost out of snipes! You can sign up and get 5 free snipes, and if you do and put me as your referral, I get more free snipes! So help me help you, and go sign up for a trial membership. You will not be disappointed. If you're going to do it, please mention so in comments so I can give you the e-mail address that I'm using as my BidNip userid.

And yes, I'm doing Christmas shopping on eBay.

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