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12/05/2006: "some jobseeking Q & A"

Q: When did I apply to be an Industrial Technical Advisor for NRC's Industrial Research Assistance Program?
A: March 27, 2006.

Q: When did I finally get an interview for the position?
A: August 17, 2006 (notification Aug. 2)

Q: When was I notified that I did not get the position?
A: Not today, but...

Yes, believe it or not, some hiring companies actually bother to give you the time of day, and will be courteous enough to tell you that you haven't received the position. NRC seems to be one such organization, but boy, it sure shows you the pace of bureaucracy. It was only yesterday, December 4, 2006, that I was notified that I didn't get the job. And I am extremely confident in saying that they weren't just waiting to tell me - I'll be the person who was offered the position took it last week, and this was the earliest they could tell me. That means the person who got the job was only offered last week. (Assuming the position is filled, of course - which it might not be.) Wow.

So, from start to finish, over 8 months. That is 2/3rds of a year. Granted, they had a freeze on the hiring process for a while, but still, 8 months? Great googly moogly! They're obviously not after someone with any sort of initiative... or even if they were, after 8 months those people are already doing something else!

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on Wednesday, December 6th, Stu said

Wow, I can't wait to be employed by the Government!

on Wednesday, December 6th, mr.ska said

Hey, if you can get in, great. If you can get tenure, even better! Just don't hold your breath for anything... expeditious!

on Wednesday, December 6th, roberthahn said

No no, I think Stu really means it: he *can't* wait to be employed by the Government. :)

on Saturday, December 9th, Kate said

Government isn't the only one. Universities often start the hiring process in September/October for July start dates.

on Sunday, December 10th, mr.ska said

Damn. I've had full-time positions that didn't last that long. Talk about long-term goals!

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