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12/13/2006: "exciting, funny, sneaky"

Just a quick update today, but a good one: there's excitement, mirth, and deviousness afoot.

1) I'm positively bursting at the seams with the news that I have an interview scheduled for the Energy Auditor position next week. Yes, a turnaround of less than 24 hours! It would be earlier, but my interviewer (the company CEO) has a pretty tight schedule. So I'll be able to slip that in just before the holidays start, bringing a new twist to Christmastime anticipation! To prepare me for the interview, he provided me a link (and password) to their company intranet, so I can read up on company policies and whatnot before I come in. Sweet. Oh, it would be SO nice to have full-time, local employment again...

2) I had decided earlier to make sure I stayed on the radar for those three non-engineering jobs I applied to, and thus was compiling the information to send out Christmas e-cards to the addressed I applied to. It was then that I realized that I will be sending three e-cards to Mike, Michael, and Mike. Amusing - maybe I can send them all the same card!

3) I've always admired people that are tech-savvy enough to be considered "hackers". Today I got a small taste of being one myself, as I hacked our local paper's website. No, I didn't launch a DoS attack or deface their front page or anything. Much simpler than that. Recently they have started making available PDFs of their paper (full-page PDFs) for free for that day, and from 2- to 90-days-old for subscribers only. Well, today I managed to get a PDF of an article from a week ago. I played around with the URL a bit, and I have now figured out how to get any paper's PDF, even today's. Pretty sweet. I won't be sharing how to do it, I'll just relish the access I've now found.

Later tonight is a cohousing movie night. No meeting, just socializing. It'll be good to see how many people we've retained from the big public event. Of course, the busy-ness of December will pare that number down, to be sure.

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on Friday, December 15th, Kate said

Congrats on getting the interview! That's great news. :)

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