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12/25/2006: "Merry Christmas, to those reading blogs today"

Merry Christmas, all. It's been a great day, filled with way too much to eat (as normal) and some quality time with family. I hope you are having a wonderful day as well, whatever you are doing.

One tradition my family has is to have Christmas crackers during our holiday meal. (By "crackers" I do not mean holiday-shaped snacks, I mean the colourful tubes that go POP! when you pull them apart.) They always have a paper hat, a surprise, and a joke. The joke I got today was just so bad I have to share it:

Q: What do you call Santa's helpers?

A: Subordinate clauses.

Must go... still lots to digest, clean up, and sleep to catch up on. Merry Christmas, all!

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on Wednesday, December 27th, Bob said

And a Merry Christmas to you! Are you done with the eating already? I have at least another three holiday dinners to pack away before the year is done! :P

on Wednesday, December 27th, stu said

Damn, we totally forgot to open the crackers!
I guess no cazzoo orchestra this year :(

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