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12/27/2006: "as usual, some disappointment"

Sigh. You'd think I'd learn about getting excited about "possibilities", wouldn't you? I guess not.

I won't be getting the Energy Auditor position. I got an e-mail today to that effect. The reasons? Partly my total inexperience in the industry, but apparently my assessment came back indicating that I would simply not enjoy the position or last very long. More detailed analysis will happen (the assessment was included with the e-mail), but I'm a people person, whereas the job entails lots of very detailed, repetitive work. Argh.

So now I have to sit down with that information, and the information I've previously received from various sources, and figure out what positions I WOULD be good for in the areas I want to be in. That's going to be some work - but it will be worth it if I can finally stop flailing around looking for something better.

Meanwhile, I have an engineering interview coming up in the beginning of January, and might be getting an interview for a Sustainable Building Specialist position as well. The engineering position is a contract one, which would be good to get me through to the start of school (which I have to get back into the mindset for). The Sustainable Building Specialist? Well, now I have to figure out how close it is to the Energy Auditor position. I will be submitting my assessment, methinks. Or at least, I'm going to consider it.


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