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01/09/2007: "not safe for work - but not the way you think"

If someone tells you that a website is Not Safe For Work (NSFW), generally that means that if you do click on the link you'll be looking at something with nudity, gore, or other such stuff that is readily available on the 'net but generally highly frowned upon, especially if you're using your employer's bandwidth to do so.

Well, I found something today that isn't safe for work, but for an entirely different reason. So what do I term it? I don't know... all I know is it's too funny to read at work if you're within earshot of anyone else. Please meet the Anonymous Coworker.

How I got there is a story unto itself. I was reading an e-mail in Gmail, to start with. For those of you without Gmail, you get a few text ads on the right-hand side of your browser window that are targeted to the content of the message you're reading. Or mostly, anyways. The message I was reading had nothing to do with pet urine stains and odours, but lo and behold, a link to a site that sells you a recipe guaranteed to get that smell out of your carpet, rug, couch, toupee, whatever. As we have a cat that has been known to inapropriately eliminate, I was curious.

I'm curious, but I'm also cheap. They want US$8 for the recipe, and claim you can make your own solution for about 75 out of household items. Well, balls to that - Google to the rescue! Sure enough, I found a site that gave me the recipe for free. What I also found were some other sites where the recipe site had been mentioned. One such was a comment at Anonymous Coworker.

I liked the post the comment was in, so I read a bit more. This anonymous person loves egg nog, so right away he's OK in my book. He's got cats (or at least A cat) so another positive. Plus, as I discovered very quickly, he's DAMNED FUNNY! I was not only laughing out loud (good thing I was alone), I actually had tears streaming down my face!

Needless to say, he's now in my RSS reader. I'm going to have to be careful... I probably shouldn't read any more of his stuff at work. The nice men in white coats might come. Maybe we'll just say Anonymous Coworker is Not Suitable For Work, but definitely worth reading. "Catloafing." Hee hee hee...

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