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02/06/2007: "5 things you didn't know about me"

I've been tagged for my very first meme. OK... I'll play along (even though I knew 4 of the 5 things about Mike that I wasn't supposed to). :)

1) I have a gemini tooth. Top row, second from the middle. My dentist thinks it was two teeth that fused together. Either way, it's got a slightly odd shape at the back, and a huge root that means I'll have Ol' Chomper well into my twilight years.

2) I had two earrings in my left ear. They came out when my daughter was 9 months, after she decided to pull one off and try to eat it. No, it didn't hurt, the loop popped open. The holes are still open to this day.

3) I was a cartoonist for the engineering student paper during university. My comic was Flower Planting Bob, a stick figure that loves flowers. He was conceived based on another stick figure precursor, Chainsaw Ralph, that got some very negative reaction. So I did the opposite.

4) In highschool a friend and I decided to go exploring in a concrete-lined drainage ditch near our school. We started at one end, and crawled up the storm sewer to the point of being under the manhole in the middle of a main intersection. We then came back down and walked up and down the entire length of the ditch, probably 2-3km each way.

5) I was a virgin until age 22. Yes, well into university. I have a feeling that puts me on an extreme end of the bell curve.

Now I tag Kikipotamus, Violet, Jerry, Steve, and coffee (just to get him to post something!)

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