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Sunday, February 29th, 2004

Uncomfortably Numb

NFT Feature|AMP|#160;|AMP|#160;Over the past couple of months I've started noticing something about myself. Generally, if I have a defined task that requires significant work, I'll be quite content to plug away at it until it comes to the point where mundane details are being ironed out. At that point, I start getting bored. It's at this point that I've discovered myself trying to keep my own attention by digesting constant feeds of information. I'll google information on whatever subject has been interesting me of late, read my e-mail, scan through the blogs I follow, or simply look through the news again to see what the latest from around the globe is. I'm an information glutton.

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Friday, February 27th, 2004


I've been pondering the same-sex marriage debate for a long time. Despite this, and my usual capacity for opinion and reason, I have yet to really decide either way. I've waffled back and forth, in tune with whatever prevailing wind has blown me (popular opinion, religion, and so forth) but haven't settled one way or the other. Now my bum hurts from sitting on the fence.
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Thursday, February 26th, 2004

tax time

It's that time of year again; Death. No, wait, taxes. Always get those confused. In any case, it's time to gather up all the little pieces of paper telling you how many pieces of paper you earned this year, how much the government sto... er, required you to give up, and see what shakes out. Of course, this means it's high time for some stupidity, right?
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Wednesday, February 25th, 2004

coming soon: better look, more stuff!

As you might know by now, is undergoing internal restructuring. (What's that mean? Sounds like a colostomy to me.) Thus, my usual place for spouting daily ponderings has evaporated. Thus, this is now my one and only forum, and I'm going to use it.
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Sunday, February 22nd, 2004

Birth of a Salesman

NFT Feature|AMP|#160;|AMP|#160;During my extended unemployment spell, I applied out of desperate hope to a couple of auto dealers in the area to be an auto salesman. Those were the only time in my life that I seriously considered doing anything sales-related, because I have known for many years that I am just simply not cut out to be a salesman. This fact was hammered home way back in highschool when I got a two-month position at the local mall's Bootlegger, where I barely managed to scrape by most of the time, and on occasion utterly failed to meet their sales goal of $100/hour. Since then, just about all human interaction I've had leads me to believe that my original I'm-not-cut-out-for-sales hypothesis is correct. So why have I suddenly utterly changed my mind?

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Monday, February 16th, 2004

Not So Big Is Huge

NFT Feature|AMP|#160;|AMP|#160;On the surface, I am a long-term planner. On even very cursory inspection, it becomes obvious that I don't' really do much long-term planning, except when it comes to ideas, notions, or plans I have that are still a ways off. Generally I'm a realist, but I suppose when it comes to the far-flung future I allow myself to go a bit crazy and plan way ahead of time. This manifested itself quite a lot during my unemployment period, when I would check housing prices for places where I had an upcoming or recent interview. That's just one example, but a relevant one. As it turns out, one area that I'm chronically planning/dreaming about is my next home.

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Monday, February 9th, 2004

The Other Chocolate Buzz

NFT Feature|AMP|#160;|AMP|#160;If you know me, you come to realize that one thing in life I am passionate about is food. Food plays a very important role in my life, which probably has something to do with the love roll that currently encompasses my abdomen right now, although I will continue to lay blame primarily on my sedentary career for that one. Two significant aspects of my caloric intake that are notable are my absolute love of all things fruit, and my highly obvious sweet tooth. The two may be combined to some degree, but as friends and family will tell you, serve me a big bowl of fruit salad and some sticky buns and I'll be quite happy.

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Sunday, February 1st, 2004

Reflection, Introspection, Suggestion?

NFT Feature|AMP|#160;|AMP|#160;This week marks the 2nd anniversary of Not From Toronto. Way back, in what seems like another world altogether, I started writing for, never thinking that I would keep it up for two years and beyond. Not From Toronto has turned into a very enjoyable hobby of mine, and allowed me to hone my writing skills and style at the same time. Thanks go to the unwitting audience that stuck with me past my rants, long essays, and bizarre myriad of topics. Unfortunately, one aspect is still missing, and recent events make me wonder if it's not more crucial than I think.

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