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Wednesday, March 31st, 2004

out of Egypt

Today is the last day for our current CEO. Tomorrow he's repatriating, and our COO takes over his position. Friday is my last day here as well, and there are a few other people that will be repatriating themselves in the next couple of weeks. How appropriate that the employee meeting this morning started off with a joke about Moses.
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Monday, March 29th, 2004

The Goodness of Grease

NFT Feature|AMP|#160;|AMP|#160;I've always been a car nut. In highschool I could tell you the engine size and output of just about every vehicle on the road. Although not quite as obsessed anymore, I've retained a broad interest in automobiles, and still harbour a vast amount of vehicular trivia. Over the past couple of years I've been trying to reform my ways, redirecting my interest and hobbies down avenues that are more socially and environmentally aware and responsible. To that end, I ditched my subscriptions to Road & Track and Sport Compact Car, and instead trained my enthusiasm on electric vehicles, hybrids, and other alternatively powered vehicles. As it turns out, my pursuit of the ultimate eco-vehicle has brought me pretty much full circle, back to mainstream production automobiles.
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Thursday, March 25th, 2004

the 11th province

I heard about this idea quite a few weeks ago, but kept forgetting to look up more information on the subject. In case you haven't heard, the idea is that Canada develop some sort of formal relationship with the Turk and Caicos Islands (TCI). This relationship could go so far as to make TCI a part of Canada, perhaps the 11th province. What would that do? It would give Canada a direct economic presence in the Carribean, set precedent to do the same for Cuba (wink), and give winter-weary Canadians a place to vacation without leaving Canada. Yes!!
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Monday, March 22nd, 2004

and out of the blue...

Normally I would never post something on Monday, simply to allow my main weekly article to have the spotlight at the top of the page for at least a day. But when I come out of a meeting that has made my hands shake and my whole body quiver, I know that it's something I have to post, even if just to document it and help me think it through. It's something I have never had happen to me before, and this is the last place I would expect it to occur, but it did: a counteroffer.
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The New Disposability

NFT Feature|AMP|#160;|AMP|#160;Having been conceived in the 1970's, my knowledge of and familiarity with the 1950's can best be represented by Happy Days and Leave It To Beaver. If shown a picture or movie from decades ago, I could likely place it in the correct decade, but that's about the extent of my North American late history knowledge. Nevertheless, there is a faint cultural memory of that era still alive today. One echo of the 1950's that has been reverberating through my head of recent has been disposability: the ultimate convenience, products designed for one-time use and then disposal. The reason this has been on my mind is because I believe we are well into a new era of disposability, but for a much different reason than convenience: economics.
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Friday, March 19th, 2004

so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night...

Unlike the talented singing children about to flee Nazi Germany, I am quite happy to go and leave this somewhat disturbing and unstimulating site. In case you haven't guessed it yet, the Offer of Employment has been e-mailed to me, and everything looks good. So now I have the blessed task of composing an upbeat letter that respectfully says, "I quit!"
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Thursday, March 18th, 2004

grassroots and gas prices

Someone at work just spammed the whole company with a "grassroots impact on gas prices" message. Sigh. While it's not entirely a bad idea, it's still not a good one.
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fun with unions

My workplace is a unionized facility, under the CAW. I've worked in both unionized and non-unionized environments, and I must say I prefer the latter. I haven't ever had a problem with a unioin or a unionized employee, but recent events here at work just reinforce my view that unions just aren't a good thing anymore.
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Tuesday, March 16th, 2004

excuse the colours

I'm finally getting around to messing around with the layout and design of this site. I've read through CSS1, and have a decent understanding of it, but I still like learning by doing rather than just through theory alone. Thus, if you come to read NFT at some point and are assaulted by a ghastly colour scheme, or spectacularly bad fonts, please know that it's just me playing around, learning, trying to make this a bit more interesting and helpful visually.
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more fun with interviews

Ah, the lovely sound of someone saying, "We'd like you to come in to meet someone else..." Second interview!! Much to my delight, it happened only two days after my first interview, and the actual appointment was yesterday afternoon. Where the first one was good in a fun way, the second was good, but in a very intense way.
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Monday, March 15th, 2004

small victories

I just conquered a soap dispenser, and I'm all happy about it.
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Sunday, March 14th, 2004

Flight Risk

NFT Feature|AMP|#160;|AMP|#160;My wife was recently flipping through the flyers that routinely appear at our doorstep. She came upon some sort of freebie local activity guide, and started reading through it. Upon coming to the Humour section, she found a list of "new words for the high-tech generation", some of which were pretty funny, and three of which described me pretty well. The first was "mouse potato"; the online, wired generation's answer to the couch potato. Naturally. Next was "idea hamster"; a person who always seems to have their idea generator running. NFT readers will know that this is me to a T. The last one is both relevant and timely, "flight risk"; an employee who is suspected of planning to leave a company or department soon. While I'm almost certain no one suspects me at this point in time, I am, and have spent a lot of my career being a flight risk. Why?
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Thursday, March 11th, 2004

fun with interviews

Yesterday I had an interview at a company that is literally down the road from where I work now. Thus, I left work, drove halfway down the road, parked, changed into my dress shoes and put on a tie, and drove the rest of the way. If my lunch hour was an actual hour (as opposed to 30 minutes) I could probably walk down there and back to have a lunchtime interview.

In any case, it was a fun interview....
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Tuesday, March 9th, 2004

Dispassionate About The Christ?

NFT Feature|AMP|#160;|AMP|#160;When my wife was pregnant with our first child, one thing we decided to try to do leading up to her due date was to go see more movies, as we would not be seeing quite so many new releases once we became parents. Turns out we do get to see the occasional new release, but it's from our local video rental store, many months after any theatrical release. That's not to say that movie-going has altogether disappeared: we have managed to see a few films at outrageous prices while eating gold-dust-laden popcorn, but these instances can be counted on one hand by a clumsy shop teacher.

This weekend past was one of those rare instances that I get to see a movie in a theatre. However, my wife did not join me. It wasn't a matter of her not being able to join me, but simply the fact that she did not wish to join me. No, I wasn't seeing whatever the latest Hollywood bimbo-fest is, nor some guns-n-cars chase-'em shoot-'em-up testosterone-packed action flick, either. I saw Mel Gibson's much-talked-about The Passion Of The Christ.

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Monday, March 8th, 2004

what to do?

I think it was four years ago that my wife decided that she'd heard enough whining and surprised me with a Palm PDA at Christmas. That original one broke, but was replaced with a brand-new m100, which I've had ever since.

Unfortunately, almost two years ago it started having issues with battery replacements. Sometimes it would simply lose all data for no reason. Now, it fairly reliably loses all information when I replace the batteries. Argh.
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to tide you over

Once again, I decided to actually DO something Sunday evening instead of sitting at home working on carpal tunnel syndrome and eyestra... er, my article for this week. I can tell you that I know exactly what I'm writing about, and that I've already started, but I simply did not have enough time to both sleep and write, so I slept instead.

To get you into the mood for what will be forthcoming, and to tide over you voracious Monday morning readers, I present to you my mini-reviews of Battlefield Earth, and Bowling For Columbine.
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