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Thursday, September 28th, 2006


I knew nothing was certain until I actually had a plane ticket in my hand, but now it's pretty certain that I will NOT be going to Vancouver. Word is that Gerald's rep out West has things under control and in the works, so I am no longer needed as a stop-gap get-it-done-now solution. Sigh.

So now my mental energy can go where it's needed - finding work. More than two weeks going, and I still don't have a new contract on the go. The automotive industry (or at least, those that supply the auto industry with machines) is very slow right now. It could be an ugly month or two.

As usual, we'll just have to see what happens...
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Monday, September 25th, 2006

OK, so he may not be there...

Jannette got around to checking out Dr. Suzuki's itenerary last night. I'd been meaning to, but hadn't thus far. It appears that he will be in Australia for the next month or so. In other words, if I'm heading out to Vancouver in the next few weeks, I won't be meeting with him.

That's OK... Meeting with him would be the ultimate Canadian environmentalist experience, but just being able to say that I was IN his house, and that I installed an energy-saving device therein would be bragging rights enough for me. Now we'll just have to see if it happens.
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Thursday, September 21st, 2006

the deal is made, no date set

GLEE! After pondering how to justify heading out to Vancouver to play plumber for a day or so, I hit upon a proposal for Gerald: I'll do it, but first I have to practice - on my house. He supplies the materials, including the DWHR unit, I install it, and consider myself practiced enough to duplicate my efforts. He gave me the conditional go-ahead. Woo!
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Monday, September 18th, 2006

a TRUE once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

The term "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" is pretty over-used. In general it seems to be used for simply rare opportunities. Well, I have an opportunity in front of me that is TRULY once-in-a-lifetime. I've been asked if I'd do some plumbing work on Dr. David Suzuki's home. Yes, THE Dr. David Suzuki.
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Friday, September 15th, 2006

NFT's house hunting

Even after implementing the comment verification, I'm getting unwanted comments from those simply seeking to boost their Google ranking. Well, I've got one thus far, but it's proven that no system is infalliable. I'm going to take a wait-and-see approach to this, but at the same time I'm going to plan for the worst - a full move of Not From Toronto.

The two big blogging sites I know are Blogger and LiveJournal. If you know of more, please let me know. I'm looking for a site that won't make it obvious that I'm using that service (other than the URL, of course). In other words, I want to be able to customize the look and feel of all pages, and not have to deal with any service-mandated page header, if I can get away with it.

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Thursday, September 14th, 2006

THIS is why you need to buy a Toyota

I've always understood that Toyotas are excellent vehicles. Although they had a rather bland period, they've always been bulletproof, from all I've heard. Well, now I have visual proof that they are indeed rock-solid.

Please visit YouTube and see the first and second videos of some UK gearheads trying to kill a Toyota pickup truck.

Now I really, really, really want to find an old Toyota diesel. (Mike - keep that one in your sights!)
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Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

comments back on

Well, that was quick! Jerry (the kind host behind informs me that he's put some anti-spam stuff into effect. Thanks for the super-quick turnaround! Let's see if it holds off the rectal orifices that can't be bothered to advertise through normal channels.
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Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

oooh, IwantitIwantitIwantit!!!

Diesel mileage? Good. BMW? Good! Turbocharged torque? Good. Low emissions? Good. Having your cake and eating it too? GOOD.

Santa, please take note.
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diety-condemned fornicating comment spam!!!!!

You will no doubt notice that you CANNOT post a comment anymore. You can thank the fucking comment spammers for that. It started with one comment, then another, and now tonight I find TWO spam comments in each entry on my main page. That is annoying as all fuck.

So, Not From Toronto is at a crossroads. I think a blog without the ability to comment is totally useless. One of two things has to happen; the generous friend that hosts Not From Toronto will have to implement some sort of anti-spambot comment authorization feature, or I'm simply going to have to move NFT somewhere else.
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Friday, September 1st, 2006

my enthusiasm will not be stopped!!!!

Sometimes I surprise even myself. Take this whole Nanaimo thing - I get super, hyper-excited about it and exceed my due diligence by about a million percent. Then I hear nothing, and of course the excitement rapidly dissipates. Well, guess what - that enthusiasm just isn't taking it lying down. No, instead it regroups and latches onto something else. For the past couple of days I've been roughing out the overall layout for our cohousing development. Go enthusiasm, go!
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