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Sunday, October 29th, 2006

quick miscelaneous updates

I've been feeling very drained of late, and just haven't bothered to post stuff. I figured that I should finally get around to at least posting a brief digest of what's been going on. Here goes:
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Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

unequal goodness

I guess I've been pretty quiet of late. Truth be told, my mood has been all over the place, and I simply haven't felt like trying to express how I'm feeling. I'm feeling a bit more level now, so I'm able to go over the past almost-week and share what's been going on. There are good things to do with cohousing, good things to do with working, but still a lot of bad feelings about the state of my working.
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Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

ready, set, scrape!

For the past day or so I've been on a very slight high. A family currently living in the Ecovillage @ Ithaca is moving to town, and will be joining our small group to help make cohousing a reality here. While we don't lack people with some intentional community experience, this by far will be the most concrete and direct experience our group will have.

Sadly, that high is totally gone. Even despite getting a phone call today about another possible contract that will take me through until school (this time in Burlington), the cold hard reality has set in: I haven't worked (for pay) for 3 weeks now, and we're going to have to tap the line of credit for November. That means that I need to get my EI in gear, and also start looking for temp work. Ugh.
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Friday, October 6th, 2006

feelin' a mite low

No, that's not true. If anything, I'm feeling entirely flat today. Disheartened, downtrodden, and generally beaten could also describe my feelings today. It would be all too easy to blame the full moon, but I know that it's much simpler than that: I've got career crisis fatigue.
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Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

200, with 4 days to go!

Like everyone else in the world with e-mail, I get spam. Thankfully, the Gmail spam filter is really quite good, and keeps getting better. Just about everything gets nicely sequestered in my Spam folder, where I usually delete it daily.

Not quite a month ago I decided to stop deleting spam. Gmail will automatically delete spam after 30 days, so I thought I'd run an experiment - how much spam will I get in a month, and what level will my Spam folder maintain once it starts deleting 30-day-old spam? As of sometime overnight, I now have 200 spam messages waiting to be deleted.
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Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

I don't like shopping, but I do like a good sale

Yesterday was our anniversary - seven years now! Yes, it's time for the seven year itch (if you believe that kind of stuff). We celebrated in a very low-key manner, having our favourite meal for supper; breakfast! Fruit salad, pancakes, and breakfast sausage. Mmmm. It's a meal everyone enjoys!

As for an anniversary present, what we've been doing over the past few years is instead of buying a present for each other, we buy a present for ourselves. We did that unexpectedly on Friday when we found a really good sale... on a minivan.
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Sunday, October 1st, 2006

colour me gobsmacked

I will freely admit that I derive some satisfaction when I see a comment has been left under one of my posts. I like feedback (or haven't I hammered that into everyone's skull enough yet?). I guess it just helps me realize that people are out there reading, following along, dare I say even caring what goes on in my life.

That is, until the comment I got at this post. Truly, when I read that, the only phrase that could accurately describe what I was feeling was gobsmacked.
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