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Tuesday, November 30th, 2004

so far, so interesting

I'm two days into my 6 days of automotive retail sales training, and I'm rather enjoying it. The class is extremely small - there's 3 of us, plus the trainer, and one other employee that's sitting in on the training - and simply packed with interesting information. The trainer is a very experienced guy, and has lots of stories to tell as well. All in all, it makes the day go by at a nice pace.

One of my classmates has an interesting background. I figured going in that I would be the only one making a major career change. Not so - one of the other guys there was, until recently, director of minor league operations for the Toronto Blue Jays. I kid you not! Apparently a management shake-up, and being asked to move to Florida made him consider a new career, and so here he is learning along with me. (He's going to be good at auto sales - very personable.)

No real other news to share, other than it's keeping me interested, and it's definitely going to be a quick learning process. I don't see how I can come out of this being the same person as when I went in. (That's a good thing, in case you weren't sure.) I'm stepping outside of some comfort zones, and I'm going to keep doing so. If I don't, I'd fail. Simple as that.

I'll keep you posted.
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Friday, November 26th, 2004

and now for something completely different

I've been in a pretty bad mood recently, as you've no doubt noticed. It's not like I'm being a bitch queen or anything, I've just been really unhappy with my "career" and what's happening to it. This may be why I'm actually excited about what's going to happen next week: the wholesale abandonment of my profession.

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Thursday, November 25th, 2004

is it a mistake?

Many years ago I had a small hobby of creating pictures or recreating logos pixel-by-pixel in Windows Paint. Typically, I'd then use these images as the basis for a tiled background wallpaper on my computer. I was pretty good at it, enough so that one friend of mine that I've known since highschool opined out loud that I was "in the wrong program", meaning that perhaps I should have gone into fine arts instead of engineering. I scowled at him, and sarcastically thanked him.

Now I'm wondering if he wasn't on to something 12 years ago that I'm only now recognizing.
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Wednesday, November 24th, 2004

options... sort of

Well, it's now been a full week, and it's seemed like a month. So far, I've had no interviews, and very few bites. November-December is NOT the time to be unemployed, I fear. Of course, I still have a few options.

First, I do have a line on actual work that I'm qualified for, and that's even in my field. However, it's in Calgary. Second, I'm going on Friday to be screened/interviewed to see if I'm the kind of person that can successfully sell cars. Third, there's a miniscule chance that I might try my hand at the world of financial product sales.
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Sunday, November 21st, 2004

where to begin?

After a long, long period of neglect, I think I might be picking Not From Toronto up from the dusty corner in which I left it many months ago and dusting it off. So much has happened, and so much is still happening, I hardly know where to start.

How about a brief rundown on what's going on to being:

1) Back in July, shortly after my latest entry, my son was born. So now I have a 3.5 year old daughter and a 5 month old son. Whee!
2) Work was keeping me extremely busy from April through to now. I was on a really interesting project, and then moved onto a very frustrating project, and ultimately ended up doing both. My business on the interesting one killed my drive to do Not From Toronto, somehow.
3) I've started actively searching for people to help me start an intentional community.
4) I got laid off from work. Permanently.
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