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Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

I'm liking this brief update idea

As much as I'd love to sit down and write extensively on my life, that's just not happening these days. So instead of becoming the archetype for RSS-atrophy, I'll sprinkle a few updates here instead just to keep things current.
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Friday, November 24th, 2006

I've got some serious work to do

Last night I attended a networking workshop put on by my favourite alumni career advisor at the university. Although I did learn about more networking techniques, I came away with much more than just that - I came away with a HUGE to-do list that will help get my career back into the swing of things. I need to start marketing myself - I need a website.

Oh, and I just became a member of the Canada Green Building Council and ordered my LEED reference material. With luck, I'll have it as an early Christmas present and can start working towards my accreditation.
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Monday, November 20th, 2006

help me help you!

Last year I found a great service that is a must if you use eBay. It's a bid sniper service called BidNip. Instead of waiting around waging a bidding war near the end of an auction, this site will "snipe" the auction by placing your bid (up to a pre-determined maximum) in the last 10 seconds of the auction. It saves you money and time.

And I'm almost out of snipes! You can sign up and get 5 free snipes, and if you do and put me as your referral, I get more free snipes! So help me help you, and go sign up for a trial membership. You will not be disappointed. If you're going to do it, please mention so in comments so I can give you the e-mail address that I'm using as my BidNip userid.

And yes, I'm doing Christmas shopping on eBay.
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Sunday, November 19th, 2006

a different kind of counselling now?

I'm now on the lookout for a new counsellor. Or maybe that's not the right word - analyst? In any case, in conversation with my mom, she's offered to pay for counselling for me. Of course, now that it's obvious that I don't need a mental health counsellor, I'm focusing my attention on someone that can shed some light on my career; past, present, and future. A forensic career analyst? No, that implies post-humous action. Career analyst, I suppose.

In any case, that's who I'm looking for now. I have an e-mail in to my favourite career advisor (well, she's the only one I've ever had, but she's REALLY good) to get a referral from her. What I'm looking for is someone that can tell me how an employer looks at my resume, how I can change it to address any issues (or mask them entirely), and get an impartial 3rd-party opinion on all the various career change/transition options that I'm currently looking at.

Assuming such a person exists, it will be a very helpful counselling session indeed.
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the counselling

I know there's a few of you probably chomping at the bit, wondering how my counselling session went on Thursday night. The reason I didn't come RIGHT home and tell you all is three-fold:

1) I had another event to attend that night right after - free beer and pizza!
2) I now make an effort to talk to Jannette about things before I blog them. She has a point when she says she shouldn't have to read about my feelings online.
3) Nothing really big came out of it - apparently I'm doing fairly well, all things considered.
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Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

evaluating my future, my feelings

Two topics to cover off tonight; my feelings, and my future. The former should get a good going over tomorrow evening during my "initial assessment" counselling appointment. At least I've figured out a couple of things over the past 24 hours. As for my future, I've figured out how exactly I'm going to go about getting LEED-accredited.
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Friday, November 10th, 2006

the idea is gelling

Tonight my aunt and uncle were passing through town and stopped in to treat us to dinner. When we get together with them, it's pretty much guaranteed that my aunt and I will start talking "green"; she pioneered the recycling program in Durham region, and is also a Green Party supporter (or at least, she really really wants to be), so we're quite content to chat about such things.

Over dinner I was further explaining exactly what becoming LEED-accredited (thanks to Bob for pointing out my error - buildings are LEED-certified, people are LEED-accredited), and it dawned on me how I can transition my career using LEED. I can become a Green Home Consultant.
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Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

brevity has its points

I've been slacking off again when it comes to posting, haven't I? I have one really good post that I want to write up, but simply haven't made the time to write yet. Don't worry, it will come, and may forever change the way you think about commercial food products. Aren't you excited?

In lieu of more detailed accounts of what's going on, I'll simply shower you once again with brief points of interest.
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