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Full Thrust is a starship minatures game designed by Jon Tuffley, and published by Ground Zero Games. It is available in North America from the GZG Store.
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The Memory Bank:

Archives of the GZG mailing list. It covers Full Thrust, Dirtside II, and Stargrunt II, plus minatures, and other topics relating to GZG and sci-fi games in general. The FTGZG-L Archives are archives of the original FTGZG-L list, run by Adam Delafield and, later, Jon White out of the Bolton Institute of the UK. With the close of that list, Matthew Seidl opened the new GZG-L list, out of Berkeley, California, in November 1998.

GZG-L Subscription Information

After 6 years, Roger Burton West has agreed to take over The Archives. You can find them here:

Simulator Chamber:

PBeM games that I'm running or have run.

Full Thrust Showdown
Mark 'Indy' Kochte and Beth Fulton took on Aaron Teske and Noam Izenberg in this special steel cage grudge match. The Teske field was put to the test, and Kochte tried to prove he CAN hit with P-torps, and Fulton attempted to show the world that SMLs can be dangerous weapons. What's Izenberg's stake? He's keeping that one a secret.

The map is bordered with a solid force field. Any ship attempting to leave the playing area will be converted into its constituent atoms faster then you can say Ouch! The ultimate steel cage boundary; WWF and WCW, eat your hearts out!!

This grudge match was sponsored by the Schneider Collective, makers of the infamous Weenie Gun (tm). Get yours today! It's also sponsored by Strike Wing Enterprises, "Makers of all sorts of useless stuff.

Uses FT/FB, with simultaneous firing and solid map boundaries.


New Rules:

Home-brew rules that may or may not affect play balance. (8-)

LightYear Strategic/Operational Rules - Possible Campaign Generator for FT (Beta) These are being looked at right now, and all the contradictions being taken out. It's a mess. (8-(

United Nations Space Command - My take on the UNSC from a political and structural standpoint. No ship construction details, no game stats -- just history and ideas. Currently under construction.

Alternate Lives:

Alternate Universes, ways to adapt Full Thrust to different Universes. The number of stars afterwards indicate the amount of changes to the rules; (* = slight modifications, **** = totally new game)
  • Babylon 5 (**)
  • My variant of conversion rules for Babylon 5. It is strongly recommended that you look at Earthforce Sourcebook from Chameleon Eclectic, which has Jon Tuffley's variant B5 rules in it.

  • Severed Dreams Revisited
      Babylon 5 Scenario, attempting to recreate the battle portrayed in Severed Dreams. NOTE: This spoils the Third Season episode Severed Dreams. You have been warned. (8-)

  • Aaron Newman's UEFSBS
      A great fan written supplement to the EarthForce SourceBook starship combat rules, hosted here on Warpfish. (You'll need a copy of the EFSB to really use these rules.)
  • Mike Wikan's Counters
      Mike Wikan's counters for B5 - from 1996! (Long before any of the B5 space combat games came out, while we were experimenting with FT to B5 conversions. The Severed Dreams scenario is from this time.) (1.5 MB - JPG format)
  • Honour Harrington (****)
  • Honour Harrington FT rules!
      Redone according to the Fleet Book, and I've stopped working on it, as it's pretty well an entirely new game, much more complex then FT.

      The ships are still done according to the old rules; maybe one day I'll update them.

  • Bishops Take Rook
      RMN Battlecruisers go grab a Peep Sultan...

  • The Sound of Thunder
      The Peeps go after a system defence centre.

  • Battlecruisers Stand In
      There was only supposed to be a heavy cruiser there...

  • Full Sail (**)
  • Full Sail Rules (PDF)
      Full Sail Rules, inspired by Mike Hudak

  • Full Sail Squardons (PDF)
      4 pages of SSDs, for Wizkids ships (S = schooner)

  • Full Sail Wind Rose (PDF)
      For those using the wind rules, a Wind Rose diagram

  • Stargate SG-1 (***)
  • Full Thrust Racing (*)
  • Full Thrust Racing Rules
      All the excitement of racing, without the enormous cost!

  • Race #1
      The first race under FT racing rules, done PBeM

  • Renegade Legion's Leviathan (**)
  • Renegage Legion Leviathan Home
      Rules, Ships, Control Sheets, and more.

  • Scenarios
      Various Scenarios for the above.

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