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Welcome to the Unofficial GZG Encyclopedia Galactica

Hello! Welcome to the Unofficial GZG Encyclopedia Galactica. This will be a collection of links and fan written information based on the Future History postulated by Jon Tuffley, and used in his games Full Thrust, Stargrunt II, and Dirtside II.

There are two volumes to the GZGPedia at the moment. The first covers the star nations of the GZG Universe, while the second is a collection of organizations and other important companies that form the GZG Universe.

This represents an unofficial collection of data, put together by fans for fans. As such, it may or may not fit within the Future History, but it is always inspired by it.

We welcome any and all entries. We try to keep things consistent, but it isn't an absolute rule. If you have any questions, please contact Jerry Han, or take a look at our Developers Section

All of us involved with the Encyclopedia would like to thank Jon Tuffley for letting us play in his Universe. In addition, I'd like to thank everybody who contributed material to the Encyclopedia. To paraphrase, "If I have done great things, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants."

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the Encyclopedia!

Jerry Han, Editor - Unofficial GZG Encyclopedia Galactica

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