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Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Time For A Move

My good friend Jerry has been nice enough to host Not From Toronto in his personal web space for five years now. However, the Greymatter engine that currently runs Not From Toronto has finally become too unwieldly, and it's time to move on. Not From Toronto will now move permanently to a new home at Wordpress, at Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds accordingly.

Archives of all my former writings for the past many years will still have a home here in a static format for posterity's sake. Feel free to read through the past at your leisure. For the latest stuff, come have a look at the new Not From Toronto.
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Monday, March 12th, 2007

gearing up for another jobsearch push

I honestly don't recall if I've mentioned it, but I'm commuting 45 minutes West to work nowadays (one way). I know I've mentioned that the tires I have on the car are ultra-cheap, and aren't worth a damn in the snow. Consequently, I've had some VERY interesting (read: puckerlicious) drives to and from work this winter. Just last week I got to work, and at 10am ALL roads were closed. Come closing time I had the choice of convoying with someone else to try and make it home or stay in a motel. I made it home, but boy was it fun.

Between that experience and the realization (thanks to an GHG emissions calculator) that most of my personal emissions (insert fart joke here) - on the order of 90% - come from transportation, and you've got one makings of a new push to find local employment. My goal: something local and permanent. If I can actually get rid of my vehicle and be able to bike to work, all the better. And I'm off!
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