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09/05/2006: "diety-condemned fornicating comment spam!!!!!"

You will no doubt notice that you CANNOT post a comment anymore. You can thank the fucking comment spammers for that. It started with one comment, then another, and now tonight I find TWO spam comments in each entry on my main page. That is annoying as all fuck.

So, Not From Toronto is at a crossroads. I think a blog without the ability to comment is totally useless. One of two things has to happen; the generous friend that hosts Not From Toronto will have to implement some sort of anti-spambot comment authorization feature, or I'm simply going to have to move NFT somewhere else.

The thought of having to move Not From Toronto isn't really all that appealing. I've already moved it once before, with all the archives still kicking around in their old format. The last thing I'd want is to move yet again and have four years' worth of archives in two different places and two different formats. Unfortunately, Greymatter (the engine behind this blog) is unsupported, which is a nice way of saying that it's old and from what I can tell outmoded. There simply may be no way to authenticate comments in Greymatter. I've got an e-mail in to my friend, we'll see what he says.

Meanwhile, what are my options? There is always LiveJournal, Blogger, Blogspot, and I'm sure there are literally hundreds of other freebie blog services available. If I decide to actually spend some money, I could probably convince someone to set up a really nice blog service for me, and maybe even get my own domain and e-mail in the process.

Meanwhile, I'm just going to fume and wish I could attach an ass to the comments I've been spammed with. It would be very satisfying to connect a boot to said ass a few times (if not exactly productive). If you want to leave a comment... well, you can't. You'll have to e-mail me instead, and I'll share any interesting feedback in subsequent posts.

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on Wednesday, September 6th, Jerry said

Comment test - fixed bug on word not appearing the first time, and fixed bug that the same word was appearing all the time.

on Thursday, September 7th, mr.ska said

Yaaaa, Jerry! Thanks again for the super-fast turnaround on that fix. So I've got you to add RSS, and now comment verification... what can I get you to do next? :)

(Don't worry... I think a bottle of scotch is long overdue before I make any more requests!)

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